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Tönnies viewed the process of modernization as a progressive loss of

A) gesellschaft .
B) gemeinschaft .
C) mechanical solidarity.
D) organic solidarity.


A term used in sociology to describe a society characterized by weak interpersonal relationships, with social bonds based more on self-interest and less on familial or community ties.


A term used in sociology to describe community bonds and social relations based on personal and family ties, often contrasted with Gesellschaft (society).


The process through which societies transform from traditional rural agrarian economies to secular, urban, and industrialized systems.

  • Identify the process and consequences of modernization in terms of social cohesion and differentiation.

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Tönnies argued that modernization led to the decline of gemeinschaft, the traditional rural community based on intimate and face-to-face relationships, and the rise of gesellschaft, the urban society based on individualism and impersonal relationships. Therefore, option B is the best choice as Tönnies viewed modernization as a loss of gemeinschaft.