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To establish the elements of malpractice against a nurse,which must be proved by the patient?

A) The patient must have been harmed as a result of the injury.
B) The patient must have paid for the health care services.
C) The patient must show evidence of malicious intent.
D) The patient must demonstrate personal accountability.


Failure by a professional to meet the standards of conduct, performance, or ethics in their job, often resulting in harm to clients or patients.


Fundamental substances that consist of atoms of only one kind and cannot be broken down or converted into another substance by chemical means.


A person receiving or registered to receive medical treatment.

  • Identify elements of malpractice and their implications in nursing practice.

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To establish the elements of malpractice,the patient or plaintiff must prove the following: (1)the nurse defendant owed a duty to the patient,(2)the nurse breached that duty,(3)the patient was injured because of the nurse's breach of duty,and (4)the patient has accrued damages as a result of the injury.The patient paying,showing evidence of malicious intent,and demonstrating personal accountability are not elements of malpractice.