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To eliminate cultural bias in testing,which of the following should a counselor consider when selecting a test to administer with a client?

A) The client's comfort level with testing
B) If the test was normed with a group similar to the client
C) Eliminating formal testing since there is no way to reduce cultural bias
D) Transfer the client to a counselor who has a similar background

Cultural Bias

The tendency of a culture to interpret and judge phenomena by standards inherent to its own culture.


Refers to the process of standardizing a test or assessment by administering it to a specific group and using the results as a reference for interpreting individual scores.

  • Understand the importance of cultural sensitivity and bias reduction in test selection and administration.

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Selecting a test that was normed with a group similar to the client helps to reduce cultural bias in testing. This means that the norms were established using a similar population, which increases the likelihood of fair and accurate results. Considering the client's comfort level with testing is also important, but does not directly address cultural bias in testing. Eliminating formal testing altogether or transferring the client to a counselor with a similar background are not practical solutions for eliminating cultural bias in testing.