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The third and final stage through which an otherwise honest employee becomes an embezzler is

A) becoming aware of an opportunity for stealing.
B) developing what they perceive to be an unshareable financial problem.
C) rationalizing away the criminal nature of their act.
D) violating the company's stated values and norms.

Unshareable Financial Problem

A financial difficulty that is perceived as so embarrassing or stigmatizing that the individual feels it cannot be disclosed to others.

Rationalizing Away

Rationalizing away is the process of offering a rational, logical, or plausible reason for actions or attitudes that are actually motivated by different, often less acceptable reasons.

  • Examine the psychological and societal influences contributing to employee theft and embezzlement.
  • Gain insight into the techniques employed by white-collar criminals to neutralize accusations.

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Rationalizing away the criminal nature of their act is the final stage in the process through which an honest employee might become an embezzler. This involves justifying their actions to themselves in a way that makes the act seem acceptable or necessary, despite its illegality.