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The process in which two members of a family attempt to cope with dissatisfaction or conflict in their relationship by forming a coalition with a third family member is known as _____.​

A) enmeshment​
B) ​disengagement
C) ​intervention
D) ​triangulation


A relational dynamic where a third party is pulled into the relationship between two others to manage tension or conflict, commonly discussed in family therapy.


A term used in psychology to describe relationships where personal boundaries are permeable and unclear, leading to overly close and entangled relationships.


The process of detaching or withdrawing from involvement in a particular activity, situation, or group.

  • Understand the impact of perceptions, beliefs, and attributions in causing family dissatisfaction and conflicts.

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The process described in the question is known as triangulation. Enmeshment refers to a family dynamic in which boundaries between family members are blurred or nonexistent, disengagement refers to a family dynamic in which there is emotional distance or disconnection between family members, and intervention refers to a deliberate and planned effort to intervene in a family's dynamics or interactions.