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The patient is confused,is trying to get out of bed,and is pulling at the IV infusion tubing.These data would help to support which nursing diagnosis?

A) Risk for poisoning.
B) Knowledge deficit.
C) Impaired home maintenance.
D) Risk for injury.

IV Infusion Tubing

Flexible plastic tubing used to deliver fluids, medications, or nutrients directly into the veins.

Nursing Diagnosis

A clinical judgment about individual, family, or community experiences/responses to actual or potential health problems/life processes, which provides the basis for selecting nursing interventions.

Risk For Injury

A potential hazard that may result in harm or damage to an individual.

  • Acknowledge the use and impacts of restraints in the management of patient care.
  • Apply proper interventions for individuals at risk of injury from surroundings, physical conditions, or cognitive issues.
  • Discern conditions demanding prompt medical or nursing response to forestall injury.

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The patient's behaviours support the nursing diagnosis of Risk for injury.The patient is confused,is pulling at the IV line,and is trying to climb out of bed.Injury could result if the patient falls out of bed or begins to bleed as a result of a pulled line.Nothing in the scenario indicates that this patient lacks knowledge or is at risk for poisoning.Nothing in the scenario refers to the patient's home maintenance.