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The nurse is helping the patient prepare for surgery.The patient has removed her jewelry and glasses.Which action should the nurse take to keep the jewelry safe?

A) Put these items in the patient's bedside stand.
B) Inventory the items and give them to the family.
C) Place the items in a plastic bag and send them to the OR with the patient.
D) Keep these items with her until the patient returns.

Jewelry Safety

Guidelines or practices aimed at reducing risks associated with wearing jewelry, especially in environments where it might be hazardous.

  • Understanding the importance of maintaining patient safety protocols during surgical procedures, particularly in managing personal belongings.

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Inventory the items and give them to family members,or have security lock them up.Document a list of items and their locations in a preoperative checklist and/or in the nurses' notes per agency policy.Valuables left in the patient's room may be lost or stolen.Items not secured could be misplaced or lost.Keeping the items with the nurse creates a liability for the nurse.