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The nurse is completing the charting after a patient suffered a fall.Which statement is appropriate for the nurse to include in the description of the incident?

A) The patient was found on the floor and his urinal was on the floor next to him.
B) The patient's nurse assistant always took her time to answer his call lights.
C) The patient probably urinated on the floor and slipped on the wet floor.
D) The patient is grouchy and inappropriate,always causing trouble for the nurses.

Patient Suffered

A statement indicating that the patient experienced distress, pain, or discomfort.


Suitable or fitting for a particular purpose, occasion, or condition.


The process of recording medical and health care information in a patient's chart, which is an integral part of healthcare documentation.

  • Identify and document critical incident details accurately.

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Explanation :
When a nurse collects objective data,he or she should apply critical thinking intellectual standards (e.g.,clear,precise,and consistent).Nurses do not include personal interpretive statements.The timely,thorough,and accurate communication of facts is necessary to ensure continuity and appropriateness of patient care.If you do not report or record an assessment finding or problem interpretation,it is lost and unavailable to anyone else caring for the patient.Grouchy and inappropriate are personal interpretive statements and should be avoided.