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The nurse includes "The patient will demonstrate correct technique for self-injection of insulin" as a goal in the patient's care plan.Which type of learning is addressed by this goal?

A) Cognitive
B) Affective
C) Perceptive
D) Psychomotor


Relating to the origination of movement in conscious mental activity.


The process of administering medication into one's own body using a syringe and needle, typically used for hormones, insulin, or biologics.


The process of acquiring new, or modifying existing, knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, or preferences through study, experience, or teaching.

  • Recognize the importance of psychomotor skills in patient education and their impact on successful self-care.

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Psychomotor learning is the acquisition of motor skill such as injection of insulin.Cognitive learning is thinking in new ways.Affective learning is expression of emotions or beliefs.Perceptive means the ability to sense of show insight.