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The nurse identified the source of food poisoning as a local restaurant and ensured that no further patrons became ill.Which community health nursing role was demonstrated by these actions?

A) Caregiver
B) Educator
C) Epidemiologist
D) Case manager


An expert in epidemiology, the branch of medicine that deals with the incidence, distribution, and control of diseases and other factors relating to health.

Food Poisoning

Illness caused by consuming contaminated food or beverages, typically characterized by gastrointestinal symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea.

Community Health Nursing

A nursing speciality focused on the health care of individuals, families, and groups within a community, promoting and protecting the health of the population.

  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of a community health nurse, including epidemiologist functions.

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As epidemiologist,community health nurses use basic principles of epidemiology such as tracking health problems; collecting and analyzing data to identify disease trends,outbreaks of illnesses,and disease incidence rates; and planning strategies to prevent or contain outbreaks.With the goal of helping patients assume responsibility for their own health care,the role of educator is important in a community-based setting.Case management means making an appropriate plan of care based on assessment of patients and families and coordinating needed resources and services for the patient's well-being across a continuum of care.The scenario does not indicate that the community health nurse provided direct care to the food poisoning victims.