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The nurse educates the patient about what to expect during insertion of a nasogastric tube.Which term best describes the nurse's communication role?

A) Channel
B) Receiver
C) Message
D) Sender

Nasogastric Tube

A medical device inserted through the nose into the stomach used for feeding or removing stomach contents.

Communication Role

The function that communication plays in the exchange of information between individuals or groups, including verbal, non-verbal, and written interactions.


The party in a communication who conveys the message to the receiver, crucial in ensuring the accurate transmission of information.

  • Understand the significance of the nurse's function and persona in communicating with patients.

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Final Answer :
Explanation :
The nurse is the sender in this scenario.The sender is the person who delivers the message.The message is sent to a receiver,in this case the patient.The message is the content of the conversation; in this scenario explaining what will happen is the message.The channel is the means of conveying and receiving messages through visual,auditory,and tactile senses,the nurse's spoken words in this scenario.