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The nurse delegates vital signs for a patient to the nurse assistant.What is the nurse's responsibility regarding delegation of this task?

A) The nurse assistant should not be responsible for obtaining vital signs.
B) The nurse assistant should determine if the patient's vital signs are abnormal.
C) The nurse should review the patient's vital signs as soon as they are done.
D) The nurse is not responsible if the nurse assistant fails to obtain the vital signs.


The act of assigning responsibility or authority to another person (typically a subordinate) to carry out specific activities, while the delegator maintains accountability for the outcome.

Vital Signs

The critical physiological measurements that indicate the state of a person's essential body functions, including temperature, pulse, respiration rate, and blood pressure.

Nurse Assistant

A healthcare professional who provides direct patient care under the supervision of nursing or medical staff, often handling tasks related to personal care and daily activities.

  • Master the appropriate strategies for measuring vital signs in a variety of clinical environments.
  • Understand the significance of accurately documenting vital signs and patient responses in medical records.

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A nurse may delegate the measurement of selected vital signs to the nurse assistant.However,it is the nurse's responsibility to review vital sign data,interpret their significance,and critically think through decisions about interventions as soon as the vital signs are obtained.When caring for a patient,the nurse is responsible for vital sign monitoring even if the task is delegated to the nurse assistant.