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The most complex and time-consuming type of plan is the ______.

A) business brief
B) pitch deck
C) business plan
D) feasibility study

Feasibility Study

An analysis or assessment conducted to determine the viability or likelihood of success of a proposed project or venture.

Business Plan

A detailed document outlining the objectives, strategies, financial forecasts, and market analysis of a business.

  • Learn the rationale and organizational structure of a business plan.

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Among the given options, the most complex and time-consuming type of plan is a detailed and comprehensive business plan. This plan requires extensive research, analysis, and preparation of financial projections, as well as a clear and concise explanation of the business concept, market analysis, marketing and sales strategies, operations plan, and management team. The other options listed are shorter and simpler plans, such as a business brief that provides a summary of the key points, a pitch deck that focuses on the value proposition and attracts investors, and a feasibility study that evaluates the viability of a new business idea.