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The general journal does NOT have a column titled:

A) Date.
B) Account Titles & Descriptions.
C) Dr. and Cr.
D) Balance.

General Journal

A basic accounting record used to keep track of all business transactions not recorded in specialized journals.

Account Titles & Descriptions

Names and explanations assigned to individual accounts in the financial statements, reflecting the nature and type of transaction.


A balance in financial terms refers to the amount of money or value remaining in an account, or the equality between the sum of debits and credits in an accounting record.

  • Distinguish between the components of the general journal and their purposes.

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The general journal typically includes columns for Date, Account Titles & Descriptions, and Debit (Dr.) and Credit (Cr.) amounts, but it does not include a column for Balance. The balance is usually tracked within individual ledger accounts, not in the general journal.