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The following sentences form a passage. For each sentence, select "correct" if the sentence is punctuated correctly, "fragment" if it is a fragment, "run-on" if it is a run-on, and "comma splice" if it is a comma splice. All his life, however, McLurkin has enjoyed building things.

A) correct
B) fragment
C) run-on
D) comma splice

Building Things

The act or process of constructing, assembling, or creating structures, objects, or systems.

  • Assess the appropriate punctuation for different sentence models.
  • Examine the distinctions between valid sentences, fragmentary sentences, run-on constructions, and improper comma usage.
  • Understand the contribution of personal hobbies and educational background to career growth.

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Final Answer :
Explanation :
The sentence is punctuated correctly as it is a complete sentence with a subject (McLurkin) and a predicate (enjoyed building things). Additionally, the introductory phrase "All his life, however," is separated from the rest of the sentence by a comma, making it a dependent clause.