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The following sentences form a paragraph. For each one, select the type of error in the sentence. If the sentence is free of mechanics errors, select "Correct."
Children of the Kindertransport
Once in England, children from infants to teenagers were selected by foster parents. Older adolescents went different ways some were sent to boarding schools, some went to work on farms, and others received job training to help them join British society.

A) Capitalization error
B) Title error
C) Quotation error
D) Punctuation error
E) Correct

Foster Parents

Individuals or couples who provide a temporary home to children in the welfare system who are unable to live with their biological parents.


Adolescents are individuals in the transitional stage of physical and psychological development that occurs between childhood and adulthood.

Boarding Schools

Educational institutions where students live on campus during the school term, integrating academic and life-skill development.

  • Identify errors in punctuation and apply corrections.
  • Locate and correct errors in the use of capital letters.

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Explanation :
The first sentence is missing a comma after "infants" to separate the list of age groups. The second sentence has a run-on sentence structure and should be separated into at least two sentences or be properly punctuated with semicolons.