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The failure to adequately involve the people whose support is necessary to ensure a plan's complete implementation is a major reason for difficulties in the __________ stage of decision making.

A) implementation
B) solution generation and evaluation
C) solution selection and 'ethics double check'
D) identification and problem definition
E) evaluation

Implementation Stage

The phase in a project or plan when the designed strategies or actions are put into operation or execution.

Plan's Complete Implementation

The full execution of a strategy or project according to its specified plans and processes, ensuring that all objectives are met and the desired results are achieved.

Decision Making

The process of choosing among different alternatives to achieve a desired outcome.

  • Understand the significance of involving necessary stakeholders during the decision implementation stage.

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The failure to adequately involve key stakeholders often leads to difficulties in the implementation stage of decision making, as their support is crucial for the complete execution of a plan.