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The dignified demeanor of the subjects in Le Nain's Family of Country People is most similar to that of which other work?

A) Rembrandt, The Company of Captain Frans Banning Cocq
B) van Honthorst, Supper Party
C) Steen, Feast of Saint Nicholas
D) Hals, The Women Regents of the Old Men's Home at Haarlem

Le Nain's Family of Country People

A painting by the Le Nain brothers, noted for its realistic depiction of a peasant family, highlighting the dignity and somber beauty of rural life.

Dignified Demeanor

A manner or bearing that is characterized by serenity, maturity, and respectfulness, often associated with a sense of propriety and grace.

The Women Regents

A famous painting by Frans Hals, depicting the regentesses of the Old Men’s Almshouse in Haarlem, showcasing their status and benevolent governance.

  • Identify the role of European artists in portraying the human state and social realities of their period.

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Le Nain's "Family of Country People" and Hals' "The Women Regents of the Old Men's Home at Haarlem" both depict their subjects with a sense of dignity and solemnity, focusing on the gravity and respectability of the individuals portrayed, rather than on dynamic action or festive atmosphere.