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The cycle of act-learn-build encourages entrepreneurs to take small actions in order to learn and build that learning into the next action.


A way of thinking, acting, and being that combines the ability to find or create new opportunities with the courage to act on them.

  • Continuous learning: The cycle encourages entrepreneurs to learn from their actions and experiences, enabling them to gather valuable insights and knowledge.
  • Iterative process: The act-learn-build cycle highlights the iterative nature of entrepreneurship, where each action builds upon the learning from the previous one.
  • Importance of taking small actions: The cycle of act-learn-build emphasizes the significance of taking small actions rather than waiting for a perfect plan or solution.

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The cycle of act-learn-build is a key principle in entrepreneurship that encourages taking small actions, learning from them, and using that learning to inform and improve future actions. This iterative process helps entrepreneurs to continually refine their ideas and strategies, and to move closer to their ultimate goals.