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The authors of the text believe that

A) elite democrats are caught in a dilemma of federalism.
B) there may be ways popular democrats can escape from the dilemma of federalism.
C) the dilemma of federalism is inevitable and inescapable.
D) the dilemma of federalism has been exaggerated.

Dilemma Of Federalism

The conflict or challenge of balancing power between national and state governments within a federal system.

Elite Democrats

Refers to members of the Democratic Party who hold significant power, influence, or status within the party's structure or in government.

  • Compare and contrast the views of elite democrats and popular democrats regarding federalism.

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The authors suggest that there are potential strategies or methods through which popular democrats might navigate or overcome the challenges posed by the concept of federalism, indicating a belief in the possibility of resolution or mitigation of the dilemma.