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Sue was listening to Mark complain about an issue at his office,when they were dining at a restaurant.While she was listening,she also tried to make sure if the waiter could get next course ready.Mark was upset by Sue's lack of attention to his issue.Sue's ineffective listening was most likely due to:

A) boredom.
B) rehearsing.
C) bias and judgment.
D) partial listening and distractions.

Partial Listening

Listening to someone with divided attention, where the listener may not fully comprehend or retain the information shared.


External or internal factors that divert an individual's attention away from the task at hand, potentially decreasing productivity and performance.

  • Investigate the role of interruptions and psychological tendencies in determining listening success.

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Sue's lack of attention to Mark's issue and her attempt to multitask and check on the waiter suggest that she was only partially listening to him and got distracted by external factors. This indicates ineffective listening skills, which could be improved with more focus and attention.