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Studies have found that antisocial adults have abnormal levels of functioning in the:

A) fornix.
B) hypothalamus.
C) hippocampus.
D) prefrontal cortex.


Component of the brain that regulates eating, drinking, sex, and basic emotions; abnormal behaviors involving any of these activities may be the result of dysfunction in the hypothalamus.

  • Understanding the role of the hypothalamus in antisocial behavior.
  • Understanding the role of the hippocampus in antisocial behavior.
  • Understanding the role of the fornix in antisocial behavior.

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Explanation :
The prefrontal cortex is responsible for a variety of executive functions, such as decision making, impulse control, and planning. Abnormalities in this area have been consistently linked to antisocial behavior. The other brain regions listed have also been associated with antisocial behavior, but not to the same extent as the prefrontal cortex.