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Steve works for a cement company as an IT contractor.The company does not ask Steve to sign a nondisclosure agreement,but Steve has full access to the company databases and documents.Steve also attends meetings during which a new,fast-drying,and injectable product is openly discussed.A year later,Steve reveals the formula to a competing company and is scheduled to receive royalties.Discuss the legal and ethical issues involved in this action.


A share of the income of a business paid by a franchisee to the franchisor.

  • Knowledge of nondisclosure agreements: The learner should be aware of the purpose and importance of nondisclosure agreements in protecting a company's proprietary information and trade secrets.
  • Understanding of access privileges: The learner should recognize the significance of Steve having full access to the company databases and documents, and the potential implications for his legal obligations and ethical responsibilities.
  • Understanding of legal obligations: The learner should be able to identify the legal obligations that Steve may have had as an IT contractor, such as protecting company trade secrets and confidential information.

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The answer should acknowledge that the company failed to protect the product and no nondisclosure agreement was signed.However,the issue of ethics is broader than the law.