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Some transgender groups have advocated for removing gender identity disorder altogether from the DSM, just as homosexuality was removed in 1973.Why was it retained?
  • Societal attitudes and perspectives: Analyzing the societal attitudes and perspectives towards transgender individuals and gender identity disorder can shed light on the decision to retain it in the DSM.
  • Medical and psychological research: Examining the existing medical and psychological research on gender identity disorder can provide insights into the decision to retain it in the DSM.
  • Understanding the historical context of the DSM: Exploring the reasons behind the retention of gender identity disorder in the DSM requires an examination of the historical context in which it was retained.

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Student answers may vary.Key terms and concepts that may be included in student responses include:
▪ Gender identity disorder was retained in the DSM to maintain access to care for people distressed by their gender incongruence.
▪ The diagnosis was reformulated to emphasize this incongruence rather than cross-sex identification