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Some registered dietitians have concerns regarding consumer interactions on web-based platforms. How can clients address these concerns?

A) Have the consumer sign a contract.
B) Do not provide any nutrition-related information via web-based platforms.
C) Avoid using web-based platforms to market yourself.
D) Consult the Academy publication on ethical and legal issues for guidance.
E) Only provide nutrition education through web-based platforms.

Web-based Platforms

Online sites or services that provide tools or resources for various activities, including social networking, education, or business.

Consumer Interactions

The communications and activities that occur between consumers and providers of goods or services.


Pertaining to or dealing with morals, principles of morality and right conduct.

  • Utilize advancements in social media and technology (telehealth and telenutrition) with integrity to connect and engage with clients.
  • Grasp legal and ethical considerations specific to nutrition and dietetics, including when accepting gifts from clients is appropriate.

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Consulting the Academy publication on ethical and legal issues can provide guidance and best practices for interacting with clients on web-based platforms, addressing concerns around confidentiality, data security, and professional boundaries. It is important to be aware of these issues and take appropriate steps to ensure safe and ethical practice when using web-based platforms as a registered dietitian.