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Some municipalities in the Los Angeles area have zoning rules that prohibit multifamily dwellings and require that all homes be built on lots of a certain size. What is the effect of these policies?

A) residential segregation
B) political disenfranchisement
C) homelessness
D) social mobility

Residential Segregation

The geographical separation of the poor from the rest of an area’s population.

Zoning Rules

Regulations established by local governments determining how particular geographic areas can be used, affecting land use, building sizes, and the purpose of structures.

  • Examine the effects of residential zoning and urban policy on social stratification.

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Zoning rules that prohibit multifamily dwellings and require large lot sizes result in residential segregation, as it becomes difficult for low-income individuals and families to afford to live in these areas, and limits the diversity of residents in the community.