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Social workers have numerous tools at their disposal to assist clients to gain expanded self-awareness, such as additive empathy, confrontation, and _____.​

A) ​induction
B) ​introspection
C) ​rumination
D) ​interpretation

Additive Empathy

The process of not only understanding and sharing another's feelings but also adding to the emotional experience by contributing one's own insights and support.


The aware understanding of an individual's own personality, emotions, intentions, and wishes.


The process of examining one's own thoughts, feelings, and motivations to gain self-awareness.

  • Grasp the practical uses of empathy, confrontation, and interpretation in facilitating change and self-awareness in clients.

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Interpretation is the best option as it is a tool that social workers use to help clients gain insight into their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. It involves offering meaning to the client's verbal and nonverbal cues to assist them in recognizing what's behind their behavior.