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Select the priority outcome for a patient completing the fourth alcohol detoxification program in the past year. Prior to discharge, the patient will

A) state, "I know I need long-term treatment."
B) use denial and rationalization in healthy ways.
C) identify constructive outlets for expression of anger.
D) develop a trusting relationship with one staff member.

Alcohol Detoxification

The process of allowing the body to rid itself of alcohol while managing the withdrawal symptoms in a safe and controlled environment, typically the first step in treating alcohol dependence.

Long-term Treatment

Ongoing therapeutic interventions or medications administered over an extended period to manage chronic conditions or diseases.

  • Acknowledge the difficulties in overcoming addiction and furnish relatives with empathetic communication.
  • Identify critical nursing outcomes for individuals experiencing opioid overdose and compromised breathing.

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The correct response recognizes the need for ongoing treatment after detoxification and is the best goal related to controlling relapse. The scenario does not give enough information to determine whether anger has been identified as a problem. A trusting relationship, while desirable, should have occurred earlier in treatment.