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Sebastin has made contributions of $2,000 to his RRSP at the end of every six months for the past eight years. The plan has earned 5.5% compounded semi-annually. He has just moved the funds to another plan, paying 4% compounded quarterly. He will now contribute $1,500 at the end of every three months. What total amount will he have in the plan seven years from now?

Compounded Semi-Annually

Interest calculation method where the compounding occurs twice a year, impacting the total interest earned or paid on investments or loans.


Registered Retirement Savings Plan, a Canadian investment account for holding savings and investment assets, with certain tax benefits.

  • Calculate the anticipated value and interest revenue on investments incorporating systematic deposits and compounding interest.
  • Compute the present-day financial worth of cash flows emanating from annuities, bonds, and leasing contracts.
  • Analyze the economic value of contracts and payments under various interest rate scenarios.

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