Asked by Chase Freriks on Jul 08, 2024

Sandra always believed herself to be a woman.However, in college Sandra found herself drawn to a more traditionally masculine appearance.This made her realize that she did not identify with the stereotypical aspects of femininity.Which category best describes Sandra?

A) genderless
B) gender fluid
C) transgender
D) gender non-conforming

Gender Non-conforming

Describes individuals whose gender expression does not adhere strictly to conventional norms of masculinity or femininity.

Masculine Appearance

Features or characteristics traditionally associated with male traits or attributes in a given culture.

Stereotypical Aspects

Features or characteristics often oversimplified and attributed to a particular group without individual consideration, leading to generalized perceptions.

  • Understand the concept of gender identity and its various forms.
  • Recognize and describe the difference between gender non-conformity and transgender identity.
  • Analyze how societal norms influence individual gender expressions and identities.