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Samuel, age 69, reports taking six prescription drugs, in addition to regularly taking two over-the-counter drugs. Among the elderly, Samuel is:

A) unusual; the average elderly individual takes fewer than half this many drugs.
B) unusual; the average elderly individual takes twice this many drugs.
C) normal; the average elderly individual takes about this amount of drugs.
D) close to normal; the average elderly individual takes somewhat more drugs.

Prescription Drugs

Medications legally prescribed by healthcare professionals to treat various medical conditions, requiring a prescription to be dispensed.


Pertaining to older adults, typically those aged 65 and over, who may have specific health, social, and psychological care needs.

Over-The-Counter Drugs

Medications available for purchase without a doctor's prescription, used to treat common or minor illnesses and symptoms.

  • Acknowledge the incorrect application of medications and substances in the aged population and its ramifications.

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The average elderly individual often takes multiple medications, with studies showing that it's common for individuals in this age group to be on five or more different medications. Samuel's use of eight drugs falls within the range of what is considered typical for his age group.