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Sam has been feeling depressed because he feels like his life is meaningless. He wants to find a therapist who will help him explore the meaning of life and help him cope with the inescapable realities of life. Sam should do a search for someone who practices _______________ therapy.

A) existential
B) humanist
C) psychodynamic
D) cognitive

Existential Therapy

A form of psychotherapy that focuses on individual freedom, choice, and meaning in life, emphasizing the human condition as a whole.

Inescapable Realities

Facts or situations that cannot be avoided or changed, often requiring acceptance and adaptation.

  • Recognize the therapeutic approach best suited for specific psychological issues or goals.

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Existential therapy is focused on exploring the meaning of life, free will, and the search for purpose. It also helps individuals cope with the realities of life, such as death and the freedom to make choices. This type of therapy could be helpful for Sam in exploring the existential questions that are contributing to his depression.