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Sam, Domenic, and Sal invested $100,000, $125,000 and $150,000 respectively in a business. In order to expand a further investment was required. Sal invested $200,000. If the other partners agreed to provide capital in the same ratio as the initial investment, how much did Sam and Domenic invest?

A) $166,667; $133,333
B) $133,333; $166,667
C) $150,000; $175,000
D) $175,000; $150,000
E) $133,333; $150,000

Initial Investment

The amount of money used to start a project, purchase an asset, or initiate an investment.


Financial assets or resources that individuals, companies, or governments use to fund their operations or invest.

  • Assess and address issues related to supplemental investments required to preserve initial investment proportions.

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Explanation :
The initial investment ratios are Sam:Domenic:Sal = $100,000:$125,000:$150,000. Simplifying this ratio gives 2:2.5:3. Sal's additional investment of $200,000 maintains this ratio. To find the total amount that Sam and Domenic should invest to keep the ratio, we set up the equation 2.5x + 2x + 3x = $200,000 (where x is the amount each part represents). Solving for x gives $200,000 / 7.5 = $26,666.67. Therefore, Sam's additional investment is 2 * $26,666.67 = $53,333.33, and Domenic's is 2.5 * $26,666.67 = $66,666.67. However, to match the total investment of $200,000 by Sal, these amounts need to be multiplied by 3 (since Sal's ratio part is 3), resulting in Sam investing an additional $160,000 and Domenic $200,000, which does not match any of the options directly due to a miscalculation in the explanation process. Correctly recalculating based on the initial investments and the need to maintain the same ratio for the additional investment, we find that the total initial investments were $375,000. Sal's additional investment of $200,000 increases the total investments to $575,000. To maintain the initial investment ratio for the additional investment, we calculate the amounts Sam and Domenic need to invest based on their initial ratios. The correct calculation involves maintaining the ratio of their initial investments to the total additional investment required, leading to the correct answer choice B) $133,333; $166,667, which correctly maintains the investment ratio.