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Robby is 11 months old and has begun making speech sounds like "baba" and "momo." On the other hand,16-month-old Rebecca can produce two-word sentences like "Daddy eat" and "Mama give." Robby's speech is ________,whereas Rebecca's speech is ________.

A) babbling;telegraphic
B) telegraphic;overregularized
C) overregularized;babbling
D) telegraphic;babbling


Intentional vocalization, often by an infant, that does not have a specific meaning.


The use of short and precise words to communicate a message, similar to telegraph messages, often observed in the early speech of young children.

Speech Sounds

The sounds produced by humans to communicate through language, including vowels and consonants.

  • Comprehend the importance of key milestones in language development and their chronological occurrence.
  • Distinguish among diverse processes in language acquisition, including phonemes, morphemes, overregularization, and syntax.

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Robby's repetitive sound-making is characteristic of babbling, a developmental stage typically seen in infants around 6 to 8 months old. Rebecca's use of two-word sentences represents telegraphic speech, which is common in toddlers around 18 to 24 months old, where they combine words to convey a message but omit smaller words.