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Refer to Case 14.1.The primary cause of stress for most of the employees of XYZ would most likely be​

A) ​noise pollution.
B) incompetent leadership.​
C) multitasking.​
D) the change brought on by the acquisition.​

Noise Pollution

Unwanted or harmful outdoor sound created by human activities, such as traffic, construction, and industrial operations, that can disrupt the quality of life.

Incompetent Leadership

The lack of ability, skill, or qualification in leading effectively, resulting in poor team performance and morale.


The ability to handle or manage more than one task simultaneously.

  • Gain an understanding of the diverse origins of stress, incorporating elements from the environment, attitudes of oneself, and physiological activities.
  • Understand the influence of workplace environments on stress levels and methods to reduce them.

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Explanation :
The case clearly states that the merger and resulting layoffs are causing fear and frustration for the employees, leading to long hours and increased use of the company exercise room. Therefore, the change brought on by the acquisition is the primary cause of stress for most of the employees.