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Read the paragraph below and answer the questions that follow.
(1) Although black bass and striped bass are two familiar fish in the world of saltwater fishing, their habits are altogether different. (2) Staying in one locale and waiting intently for its victims to pass, the black bass feeds steadily on fiddler crabs, mussels, skimmer, and clams. (3) Its cousin, the striped bass, however, remains in constant motion, always searching for its prey. (4) The striped bass feeds on smaller fish, squid, tin cans, or any glittering or wiggly object. (5) The black bass builds its home in the rocks that lie along the bottom of the ocean wall; it is well protected from the fisherman, whose line will often snag and break before this fish is taken. (6) On the other hand, the striped bass makes its home almost anywhere; it is usually caught near the surface of the water or several feet from the bottom. (7) The best way to catch the black bass is with a hook and sinker, whereas trolling is the best way to land a striped bass because this fish does not remain in one spot very long. (8) Striped bass and black bass, however, do have one thing in common: both make delicious eating after being caught and then fried in an open pan.
Select the number of the topic sentence in the paragraph above.

A) Sentence 1
B) Sentence 2
C) Sentence 3

Black Bass

A popular freshwater game fish belonging to the sunfish family, known for its dark coloration and sport fishing appeal.

Striped Bass

A popular game fish native to the Atlantic coast of North America, known for its distinctive dark stripes running along its body.

Saltwater Fishing

The act of fishing in the ocean or other saline bodies of water, targeting a variety of marine species.

  • Recognize the main sentences in paragraphs.

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Sentence 1 is the topic sentence as it introduces the two types of fish being compared and contrasts their habits.