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Read each of the following essay introductions. Then select the method the writer used to begin the essay. The essay below begins with a
Few Americans stay put for a lifetime. We move from town to city to suburb, from high school to college in a different state, from a job in one region to a better job elsewhere, from the home where we raise our children to the home where we plan to live in retirement. With each move, we are forever making new friends, who become part of our new life at that time.
⎯ Margaret Mead and Rhoda Metraux, "On Friendship,"
In A Way of Seeing . Morrow, 1974, page 45

A) general idea that is narrowed to a specific thesis statement.
B) direct quotation.
C) contradiction.

Direct Quotation

A direct quotation is a report of the exact words of an author or speaker, often enclosed in quotation marks.

New Friends

The beginning stages of friendship with individuals whom one has recently met or connected with.

  • Examine the function of direct quotes in presenting essay subjects.

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The introduction begins with a general statement about Americans moving around and then narrows down to the topic of making new friends with each move. This is a common method of beginning an essay, where the writer starts with a broad idea and gradually narrows it down to a specific thesis statement.