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Public health professionals who subscribe to the biological model or the learning model of addiction agree that former alcoholics cannot learn to drink moderately without becoming dependent on alcohol again.

Biological Model

A model that explains psychological phenomena in terms of biological processes and structures.

Learning Model

A theoretical framework that describes how individuals acquire, process, and retain knowledge or skills through experience, instruction, or study.

Moderately Dependent

Refers to a level of reliance on substances or behaviors that is significant but not severe or incapacitating.

  • Acknowledge the complexity of addiction models and the debate over the ability to moderate substance use after addiction.

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The biological model of addiction suggests that individuals have a physiological predisposition to addiction, making moderation difficult or impossible for those who have been dependent. However, the learning model posits that behaviors, including substance use, are learned and can be modified. Therefore, according to the learning model, it might be possible for some individuals to learn to drink moderately.