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Psychosocial therapies for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) combine:

A) structured educational services and psychoanalysis.
B) behavioral techniques and structured educational services.
C) cognitive-therapy and psychoanalysis.
D) psychotherapy and rational-emotive therapy.


Form of treatment for psychopathology involving alleviating unconscious conflicts driving psychological symptoms by helping people gain insight into their conflicts and finding ways of resolving these conflicts.

  • Recognizing the importance of structured educational services in the treatment of ASD.
  • Understanding the role of behavioral techniques in addressing the symptoms of ASD.
  • Understanding the different components of psychosocial therapies for autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

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Behavioral techniques and structured educational services have been shown to be effective in improving social communication, adaptive behavior, and reducing challenging behaviors in individuals with ASD. Other types of psychotherapy, such as psychoanalysis or cognitive-therapy, may not be as effective in treating the core symptoms of ASD. Similarly, rational-emotive therapy is typically not used as a primary treatment for ASD.