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Professor Vaughn is interested in why people are more likely to have phobias about things that occur in nature,such as snakes,than about things that are increasingly dangerous,such as weapons.She is likely interested in

A) epigenetics.
B) gene-environment interactions.
C) behavior genetics.
D) evolutionary psychology.


Investigation into the ways organisms are affected by modifications in how genes are expressed, instead of alterations to the genetic code.

Gene-environment Interactions

The complex interplay between genetic factors and environmental influences that affects the expression of genes and can impact an individual's traits and behaviors.

Behavior Genetics

The study of the role genetic factors play in shaping behaviors, traits, and abilities.

  • Understand the foundational concepts of evolutionary psychology and its emphasis on adaptiveness and reproductive success.

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Professor Vaughn's interest in why people are more likely to have phobias about things that occur in nature aligns with the perspective of evolutionary psychology, which attempts to explain human behavior in terms of how it may have been adapted to serve survival and reproductive functions in our ancestral past. This interest is not directly related to epigenetics, gene-environment interactions, or behavior genetics.