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_____ primarily focus on remediation and rehabilitation.​

A) ​Educational groups
B) ​Support groups
C) ​Growth groups
D) ​Therapy groups


The process of correcting or improving a deficiency or problem, often in the context of education or environmental restoration.


The process aimed at enabling individuals recovering from injury or disease to restore lost skills and return to daily life activities.

  • Apprehend the conceptual frameworks and objectives with regard to various types of groups, such as educational, support, growth, therapy, and task groups.

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Therapy groups are designed for remediation and rehabilitation of individuals with mental health issues, substance abuse problems or any other kind of personal or psychological problems. The main aim of these groups is to help individuals overcome their problems and lead a healthy and fulfilling life. Educational groups focus on providing information or knowledge on specific topics, support groups provide emotional and social support to individuals facing a common problem, and growth groups focus on personal development and self-awareness.