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Pinderhughes defines four psychological dynamics that define cross-cultural work and the relationship between the client and the provider. What are they?

A) Difference, assimilation, experience, and privilege
B) Family, acculturation, ethnicity, and power
C) Family, ethnicity, race, and power
D) Difference, ethnicity, race, and power

Psychological Dynamics

The interrelated forces within the human mind and their effects on emotional and behavioral patterns.

Cross-Cultural Work

Efforts and practices aimed at understanding and integrating different cultural perspectives into various domains, such as business, healthcare, or education.


Describes a group of people who share a common identity based on cultural characteristics such as language, religion, or ancestral origins.

  • Identify key concepts and dynamics in cross-cultural helping relationships.

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Pinderhughes' framework for understanding cross-cultural work in the context of client-provider relationships emphasizes the dynamics of difference, ethnicity, race, and power. These elements are critical in shaping the interactions and outcomes in such settings, highlighting the importance of recognizing and addressing the inherent power imbalances and the roles that racial and ethnic identities play in these relationships.