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Piaget believed that children move through the stages of cognitive development as a result of:

A) Physical growth and enrichment activities
B) Interaction of biological factors and learning
C) Heredity and secondary education
D) Problem-solving and information-processing abilities

Cognitive Development

The process of growth and change in intellectual capabilities, influencing how one perceives, thinks, and understands the world.

Biological Factors

Elements that are related to the biological makeup of an individual, including genetics, neurochemistry, and physical health, which can influence behavior and mental health.

Information-Processing Abilities

Cognitive functions related to how an individual perceives, analyzes, manipulates, uses, and remembers information.

  • Recognize the theoretical foundations of intelligence, including major theories and their proponents.

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Piaget's theory of cognitive development emphasizes the interaction of biological maturation and experiences or learning from the environment. He proposed that children progress through stages of cognitive development, which are driven by an innate biological progression in interaction with experiences from their environment.