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One of the major drags placed on our economic growth is the results of our form of government because large amounts of resources are expended on:

A) the salaries of the members of the administration.
B) the salaries of members of congress.
C) the money wasted on lobbyist.
D) the interference of the Supreme Court in economic policy.

Economic Growth

An increase in a country's output of goods and services, measured by changes in its GDP, indicating improvements in living standards and economic health.

Form Of Government

The system by which a community, state, or nation is governed, characterized by its structure, functions, and the distribution of power among its various components.

Resources Expended

The amount of materials, labor, and capital used in the production of goods or services.

  • Ascertain the effects of state policies and defense outlays on economic expansion.

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The money wasted on lobbyists is a major drag on economic growth because it diverts resources that could be used for investment and innovation. Lobbyists can often influence policy decisions in favor of certain industries or businesses, which can lead to market distortions and stifle competition. This can result in slower economic growth and reduced opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses.