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One night after he heard his parents arguing,4-year-old Wei had a vivid dream in which he saved his mother from being bitten by a large snake.A psychoanalyst would most likely suspect that Wei's dream reflects a(n)

A) oral fixation.
B) reaction formation.
C) projective test.
D) Oedipus complex.

Oedipus Complex

A Freudian theory positing that a child experiences unconscious desires for their opposite-sex parent and jealousy and rivalry toward their same-sex parent.

Oral Fixation

A psychological condition first described by Freud, characterized by an obsession with engaging the mouth in activities such as eating, talking, or smoking.

Reaction Formation

A defense mechanism where unacceptable impulses are transformed into their opposite, often seen in exaggerated or compulsive behaviors.

  • Comprehend the Oedipus and Electra complexes and their significance in psychosexual maturation.
  • Comprehend the manner in which Freud posits unconscious mechanisms shape actions.

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Wei's dream reflects the Oedipus complex, which is a psychoanalytic concept suggesting that young boys desire their mothers and view their fathers as competition. Wei's dream may be seen as a manifestation of his unconscious wishes to protect his mother from a perceived threat (the snake), which could be symbolic of his father or any other male figure.