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On paper,Napoleon's Grand Army was an impressive body of more than 600,000 men.A closer look,though,reveals some important shortcomings,including what?

A) Napoleon spent far too much time tracking down deserters rather than focusing on the soldiers he did have.
B) Officers spent far too much time being trained and not enough time getting experience on the battlefield.
C) A large percentage of the army was composed of foreign conscripts,and they were of dubious skills and loyalty.
D) Napoleon insisted on an army composed of 100% French forces,ignoring talented soldiers from Austria and Prussia.
E) The majority of soldiers enlisted refused to fight,claiming exemption due to philosophical differences.

Grand Army

A large and powerful military force, especially one of historical significance such as Napoleon's Grande Armée during the Napoleonic Wars.

Foreign Conscripts

Individuals drafted into military service from another country, often without their consent, to serve in the armed forces of an adopting nation.

  • Understand the structure and weaknesses of Napoleon's Grand Army.

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A significant portion of Napoleon's Grand Army was made up of foreign conscripts who may not have been as skilled or loyal as French soldiers.