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Omar can tie his shoes, but only with his mother's help. This suggests that tying shoes is

A) beyond Omar's scope of capability.
B) within Omar's zone of proximal development.
C) an innate process that simply needs nurturing to unfold.
D) too difficult for a child his age and should not be attempted.

Zone of Proximal Development

A concept by Vygotsky describing the difference between what a learner can do without help and what they can achieve with guidance and encouragement.


The quality or state of being capable; having the ability, power, or qualities necessary to do something.

  • Comprehend the principles behind Vygotsky's zone of proximal development.

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Final Answer :
Explanation :
Tying shoes is within Omar's zone of proximal development because he can perform the task with assistance, indicating that he is close to being able to do it independently, which aligns with the concept of the zone of proximal development.