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​Nobu lives in Japan and her cousin Keiko lives in America. Which of the following is most accurate about their respective differences between life expectancy and health expectancy? Nobu can expect to live 8 times, Keiko 10 times, expected disability years.

A) ​Both cousins can expect to live 9 times their expected years with disability.
B) ​Nobu can expect to live 9 times, Keiko 9.3 times, expected disability years.
C) ​Nobu can expect to live 9.3 times, Keiko 9 times expected disability years.
D) ​Nobu can expect to live 8 times, Keiko 10 times, expected disability years.

Life Expectancy

The average number of years that a person is expected to live, based on statistical analysis of current mortality rates.

Health Expectancy

An estimate of the number of years a person can expect to live in a relatively healthy state, free of major diseases or disabilities.


A common name in some cultures, but without a universal definition unrelated to specific concepts unless context is provided.

  • Comprehend the worldwide disparities in health and longevity.
  • Study the differences in health metrics across various ethnicities, education statuses, and age ranges.

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Nobu, living in Japan, is likely to have a higher life expectancy and possibly a better health expectancy compared to Keiko in America, reflecting Japan's high standards of healthcare and lower disability rates.