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Most of Dakota's therapy sessions involve his therapist demonstrating desired behaviors and having him play out various roles found in situations related to his disorder. This type of therapy is called __________ therapy.

A) rational-emotive behavior
B) exposure
C) skills training
D) client-centered

Skills Training

Educational programs or activities aimed at teaching specific practical skills.

Rational-Emotive Behavior

A form of psychotherapy that identifies irrational beliefs, challenges them, and encourages the adoption of more rational and adaptive beliefs.


A therapeutic approach focusing on providing a supportive environment where clients lead the process of their healing or development.

  • Comprehend the function of skills training within behavior therapy.

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Dakota's therapy sessions involve skills training, which focuses on teaching clients specific skills and behaviors to better manage their mental health condition. This involves the therapist demonstrating desired behaviors and having the client practice those behaviors in various situations related to their disorder. Rational-emotive behavior therapy focuses on identifying and changing irrational beliefs, exposure therapy involves gradually exposing a client to feared stimuli, and client-centered therapy involves creating a safe and nonjudgmental space for the client to explore their thoughts and feelings.