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Most higher-level managerial decision situations can be classified as:

A) classical and unexpected.
B) routine and administrative.
C) intuitive and functional.
D) systematic and behavioural.
E) non-routine and unstructured.


Tasks or activities that are irregular, unpredictable, or not part of a regular schedule or procedure.


Refers to data, processes, or activities that lack a predefined data model or organization, often requiring more flexible and intuitive approaches to interpretation and management.

Systematic Thinking

Approaches problems in a rational and analytical fashion.

  • Become versed in the differing types of decisions (programmed compared to non-programmed) and the processes involved in making decisions in an organizational context.

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Most higher-level managerial decisions are non-routine and unstructured, as they often involve complex issues that do not have straightforward, predefined solutions and require a high degree of judgment and evaluation.